Sagrada Familia

Antoni Gaudí's Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia will be finished in 2026

La Sagrada Familia is Gaudí's most impressive and undoubtedly one of Spain's most famous monuments. Gaudí built on the church through 43 years without being able to see the finished church. The church will be finished in 2026.

"Barcelona's third cathedral"

La Sagrada Familia is called Barcelona's thirds cathedral (after the cathedral La Seu and Santa Maria del Mar, also called the Cathedral of the Sea). Gaudí and Bocabella, the man behind the association "the Josephines" starting the project, wanted a unique church that had the Holy Family (Sagrada Familia) as a thematical subject in the centre.

Sagrada Familia columns, roof and baldachin
Sagrada Familia columns, roof and baldachin

18 church towers - 109 to 175 m.

When the church is finished it will have 18 towers, representing the 12 apostles, the 4 Evangelists, the Virgin Mary and Jesus. The Jesus Tower that will be raised in the church's centre, will measure a total of 170 meters. The highest existing tower measures 109 m.

Sagrada Familia - the history behind the Park

Sagrada Familia was planned to be right in the middle of Barcelona. From the church there is the same distance to the sea and the mountains, and the distance to the river in the North - The Besòs River, and the river in the south, The Llobregat River, is also the same. However, when the government planned a route for the new Fast Train that will go through Barcelona, they also wanted it to be right in the middle of the city, in order to take the highest amount possible of people.

Udsigt til Sagrada Familia
Views of Sagrada Familia

This means that the fast train is going to pass right under La Sagrada Familia in a tunnel under ground. Many people in Barcelona are afraid that this will threaten the church. But UNESCO have made some measurements showing that the ground under the church and the church itself should be strong enough to support the affects of the train.

Sagrada Familia
The main motif: La Sagrada Familia - The Sacred Family

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