Day Tour to Barcelona

Day tours for groups

Tailored day tours in Barcelona customized according to your needs

All our tours and excursions can be costumized so that the fit the time table.

All of the following elements of the tours can be customized:

  • The time of the tour - you decide when you want to start the tour, and most of our tours can start either in the morning or the afternoon, and some of our tours can even be organized for the evening
  • The duration of the trip can also be customized according to your wishes: two different tours or services can be combined so that they fit into your schedule.
  • Combine your tours with a gastronomic experience! We colloborate with some of the best restaurants in Barcelona and Catalonia.
  • Combine your tour with a transfer - go directly to the airport after a tour, or get picked up at the airport and go directly to lunch at the beach!

The above mentioned suggestions are just a few of the many possibilities on our tours, but we try to adapt to each individual group with our tours and services.

Example of customized day Tour

If you are interested in a full day tour from Barcelona we have a long list of options, but below you will find an example of how a day tour could look.

  • Pick-up at hotel
    Pick-up at the hotel with one of our minibuses. You will be picked up by one of our local guides, a guide with a deep knowledge about the destination and a proficient English. The day tour starts.
  • A Private Comprehensive Barcelona Tour
    For the next couple of ours, our guide and driver will show you some of the most exciting sites in Barcelona. The guide will do everything he can to make the tour both relaxed and interesting. He will tell you about the monuments you see on the way, and you will stop from 15 to 30 minutes several times on the way in order to get a good look at the monuments, take photographs and relax at the same time.
  • Lunch
    After seeing some of the most interesting sites the guide will take you to one of the nice restaurant in the area. We collaborate with some of the best restaurants in the city and the region around Barcelona, and are able not only to offer you lunch arrangements with local dishes and drinks, but but also delicious food at a good value.
  • Afternoon excursion: Winery
    After a delicious lunch the tour continues. Now the bus will take you to the nice area outside Barcelona itself. Here you are able to see vineyards and beautiful mountains. It is possible to go to a local winery to see their production, hear the history of their production of wine and - of course - taste the final product. , will help you to enjoy every bit of the tour.
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