Alta Alella in the wine region Alella

Alella Wine Region

The Alella wine region is only 15 kilometers from Barcelona

The wine region of Alella has approximately 300 hectares of vineyards and is so one of the smallest appellations of origin in Spain. The regulation of the area was created in 1935.

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Location and climate

Alella is located near the city of Barcelona. The climate is Mediterranean with mild winters and warm summers. The soils have a high percentage of clay and are light in color.

The production area is characterized by the urban environment of Barcelona. The Alella wines have a long history and in Roman times they were well known and appreciated and in the Middle Ages they were appreciated by the aristocracy of Barcelona and exported to countries far away.

Alella consists of the following municipalities:

  • Alella
  • Argentona
  • Cabrils
  • El Masnou
  • La Roca del Valles
  • Martorelles
  • Montornés del Valles
  • Montgat
  • Orrius
  • Premia de Dalt
  • Premia de Mar
  • Santa Maria de Martorelles
  • San Fost de Campsentelles
  • Teià, Vallromanes
  • Vilanova del Valles
  • Vilassar de Dalt.

Grapes used

The folllowing grapes are the grapes permitted by the local authorities

Red grapes
  • Monastrell
  • Garnatxa negra
  • Ull de llebre (Tempranillo)
  • Merlot
  • Pinot noir
  • Syrah
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Sumoll
  • Mataró.
White grapes
  • Pansa Blanca (Xarel.lo)
  • Garnacha blanca
  • Pansa rosada
  • Picapoll
  • Malvasía
  • Macabeo
  • Parellada
  • Chardonnay
  • Sauvignon blanc
  • Chenin blanc

Important wineries in Alella

  • Alella Vinícola. The most important wines of the winery: Marfil Solera (White wine), Marfil Generoso Semi 1976 (White wine), Marfil Generoso Sec 1976 (White wine), Marfil Violeta (Red wine), Marfil (Brut Nature), Marfil Blanc de Noirs (Brut Nature sparkling wine), Marfil Moscatel (sparkling wine), Ivori (White wine), Ivori Negre (red wine), Vallmora (Red wine), Marfil Blanco Seco (White wine), Marfil Clàssic (White wine), Marfil (Crianzar red wine).
  • Alta Alella. The most important wines of the winery: Alta Alella Blanc de Neu (White wine), Alta Alella Orbus (Crianza red wine), Alta Alella Dolc Mataró Tinto Dulce, Alta Alella Lanius (White wine), Alta Alella Xtrem (Crianza red wine), Alta Alella Parvus Syrah (Red wine) and Exeo (White wine).
  • Bodegas Castillo Sajazarra. The most important wines of the winery: In Vita (White wine).
  • Bodegas Roura. The most important wines of the winery: Roura (Rosé), Roura Merlot (Red reserva), Roura Crianza Tres Ceps (Crianza red wine), Roura Sauvignon Blanc (White wine) and Roura Xarel.lo (White wine).
  • Joaquim Batlle Ponce. The most important wines of the winery: Foranell Pansa Blanca (White wine), Foranell Picapoll (White wine), Foranell Garnatxa (White wine).
  • Marqués de Alella. The most important wines of the winery: Marqués de Alella (White wine), Marqués de Alella Pansa Blanca (White wine), Marqués de Alella Allier (White wine fermented in barrel), Acot (Rosé).
  • Celler Altrabanda. The most important wines of the winery: Pansa Blanca (Young white wine), El Pas de les Bruixes (White wine made with a special maceration process), Santa María (White wine fermented in barrel), 93 Ceps Roble (Red wine) and Laia Rosa (Liquor).

Details and numbers

  • Areal
    314 hectares

    Production in Alella
    Approximately 3.810 hl
  • Number of Wineries in Alella
  • Commercialization of the wines
    90 % are sold inside Spain and 59% are exported
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