D.O. Somontano Wine Region in Spain

The oficial Wine region of Somontano was created in 1984, although the history of wine production in the area goes back more than 2000 years. According to documents of the time, in the year 500 a.C. vines were grown in the Valley of the Ebro and in the 2nd Century a.C. there was an important wine production in the region.

In the Middle Ages, the cultivation of the vine extends to all the province of Huesca, being the monasteries that play an important role in the development of the vineyard, since they were cultivated near these, the wine, is an essential product, that takes a central role in the Catholic mass.

At the moment, the wines of the DO Somontano are placed among the best wines of Spain. This wine area has about 60 wines with more than 90 points of the Peñín Guide. Both large, medium and small wineries and old and young wineries produce good quality products. It also has an interesting Wine Route with leisure, cultural and gastronomic proposals.

Location and climate
Located at the foot of the Pyrenees of the province of Huesca. The production area is divided into three zones: the sierras, the Somontano and the plains. Side. Somontano comprises 43 municipalities. Winters are cold and hot summers with sudden changes in temperature in late spring and autumn. It has an average annual precipitation of 500 mm.

Grapes used in Somontano

In Somantano, a wide range of native and traditional grapes are used, due to the 2000 years of viticulture in this region. 35 grape varieties are alowed for wine production today.

White grapes
  • Albarinho
  • Chardonnay
  • Chenin
  • Garnatxa Blanca
  • Gewurztraminer
  • Macabeu
  • Malvasía
  • Malvasía de Sitges
  • Moscatel
  • Parellada
  • Pedro Ximénez
  • Picapoll blanc
  • Riesling
  • Ssauvignon blanc
  • Ssumoll blanc
  • Xarel.lo
  • Viognier
  • Vinyater.
White grapes
  • Cabernet sauvignon
  • Cabernet franc
  • Garnacha
  • Garnacha tintorera
  • Merlot
  • Monastrell
  • Petit verdot
  • Picapoll
  • Pinot noir
  • Samsó (cariñena)
  • Sumoll
  • Syrah
  • Trepat
  • Ull de llebre (Tempranillo).
General Characteristics of the wines from Bierzo
The traditional wines are made from Moristel and Tempranillo, with fruity and intense flavor and aromas. The monovarietales wines, mainly of Moristel and Parraleta, are young wines with fruit character. In general the red wines are of good graduation, fruity and adequate acidity.

White wines
Made from the Macabeo variety, they are straw-colored, fruity and fresh in color. The wines made with Chardonnay give white wines with powerful aromas, fruity and tasty in the mouth.

Rosé wines
They are pinkish raspberry, fruity, light, fresh and pleasant to drink.

Important wineries in Somontano

  • Bal d’Isábena Bodegas. Vinos destacados: Cojón de Gato (tinto), Cojón de Gato Gewurztraminer (blanco), Reis d’Isábena (blanco), Reis d’Isábena (tinto).
  • Blecua. Vinos destacados: Blecua (tinto reserva).
  • Bodega Pirineos. Vinos destacados: Montesierra tinto, Montesierra Ecológico, Mesache Tinto, Montesierra Rosado, Mesache Blanco, Pirineos Gewurztramine, Pirineos Rosados, Montesierra crianza, Pirineos Crianza, Señorío de Lazán (tinto reserva), Alquézar Rosado, Marboré (tinto crianza).
  • Bodegas Abinasa. Vinos destacados: Ana (rosado), Ana (tinto crianza).
  • Bodegas Alodia. Vinos destacados: 1 Alodia Syrah (tinto), Alodia Tinto Seducción (tinto), Alodia Cruz de Los 2006 (tinto), 1 Alodia Moristel (tinto).
  • Bodegas Estada. Vinos destacados: Estada San Carbás (blanco fermentado en barrica), Estada (rosado), Estada (tinto reserva).
  • Bodegas Irius. Vinos destacados: Absum Varietales (blanco), Absum Colección Gewurztraminer (blanco), Absum Varietales (tinto), Absum Colección Merlot (tinto), Absum Colección Tempranillo (tinto), Irius Premium (tinto), Irius Selección (tinto), Disuperi (tinto crianza).
  • Bodegas Lalanne. Vinos destacados: Leonor Lalanne (tinto crianza), Lananne Classic (tinto crianza).
  • Bodegas Lasierra. Vinos destacados: Bespén Vendimia Seleccionada Merlot (tinto), Bespén (tinto crianza), Bespén (blanco).
  • Bodegas Laus. Vinos destacados: Laus Flor de Gewurztraminer (blanco), Laus 700 Alt (blanco), Laus Flor de Merlot (rosados), Laus Roble (tinto), Laus (tinto reserva), Laus Flor de Chardonnay (blanco).
  • Bodegas Meler. Vinos destacados: Meler 95 sobre Aljez (blanco), Meler (tinto crianza), Andres Meler (tinto), Meler Lumbreta Roble (tinto), Meler Chardonnay Edición Limitada (blanco).
  • Bodegas Monte Odina. Vinos destacados: Monte Odina Merlot (tinto), Monte Odina (tinto crianza).
  • Bodegas Obergo. Vinos destacados: Lágrimas de Obergo (rosado), Obergo Caramelos (tinto), Obergo Varietales (tinto), Obergo “Finca La Mata” (tinto).
  • Bodegas Olvena. Vinos destacados: Olvena (tinto crianza), Olvena Hache (tinto), Olvena On (tinto).
  • Bodegas Osca. Vinos destacados: Osca Gran Eroles (tinto reserva), Mascún Syrah (tinto), Osca (blanco), Castillo de L’Ainsa (tinto crianza), Osca Moristel (tinto crianza).
  • Bodegas Sierra Guarra. Vinos destacados: Idrias Abiego Roble (tinto), Idrias Chardonnay Edición Especial (blanco fermentado en barrica), Idrias Sevil (tinto).
  • Dalcamp. Vinos destacados: Castillo de Monesma Reserva Especial, Castillo de Monesma (tinto reserva).
  • De Beroz. Vinos destacados: Lar de Beroz (tinto), De Beroz Reserva Familia (tinto), De Beroz Crianza Especial (tinto).
  • Enate. Vinos destacados: Enate Chardonnay-234 (blanco), Enate Chardonnay (blanco fermentado en barrica), Enate Uno Chardonnay (blanco fermentado en barrica), Enate Syrah-Shiraz (tinto), Enate Uno (tinto), Enate Cabernet Sauvignon (tinto reserva), Enate Merlot-Merlot (tinto), Enate Varietales del Dos Mil Cinco (tinto).
  • Sèrs. Vinos destacados: Sèrs Temple Fuerza 23 (tinto), Sèrs Temple Fuerza 27 (tinto reserva).
  • Vinsom. Vinos destacados: Doce Lunas (blanco), Doce Lunas (Más Una) (tinto), Doce Más Una (tinto).
  • Viñas del Vero. Los vinos han ganado cuatro medallas, tres de ellas de oro en 2010 por Consumer Wine Awards. Vinos destacados: Viñas del Vero Clarión (blanco), Viñas del Vero Gran Vos (tinto reserva), Viñas del Vero Chardonnay Colección (blanco), Viñas del Vero Gewurztraminer Colección (blanco), Secastilla (tinto), La Miranda de Secastilla (tinto), Viñas del Vero Syrah Colección Las Canteras (tinto), Viñas del Vero Merlot Colección El Ariño (tinto), Viñas del Vero Pinot Noir Colección (tinto).

Details and numbers

  • Areal: 4.700 hectares
  • Number of wine houses in Somontano: 34
  • Production: 11.606.000 liters
  • Sale: 74% of the wines are sold in Spain, 26% are exported.
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