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Tarragona Wine Region

The Tarragona (DO) Wine Region

The Spanish Wine region Tarragona is situated south of Barcelona and east of the wine regions of Priorat and Montsant. It is mainly known for its white wines

Location and climate

The area of ​​the Denominació d’Origen Tarragona is located in the Tarragona province. It includes 73 municipalities in two counties: El Camp de Tarragona and Ribera d'Ebre.
The Mediterranean climate has an annual average rainfall of 500 mm in El Camp de Tarragona and 385 mm per year in Ribera d'Ebre. The soil is generally of Miocene and limestone. Winters are cold and summers are very hot and and with many hours of sunshine.

Grapes used

Whites grapes varieties
Macabeo, Parellada, Chardonnay, Xarel.lo, Moscatel de Alejandría, Garnatxa Blanca (White Grenache), Sauvignon blanc, Moscatel de Frontignan, Malvasía.

Reds grapes varieties
Samsó (Carignan), Garnatxa (Grenache), Ull de Llebre (Tempranillo), Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon, Sumoll, Syrah, Pinot noir, Monastrell.

General Characteristics of the wines from D.O. Tarragona
White wines: they have a Mediterranean character, with notes of grass hill. The wines from El Camp de Tarragona are smooth, balanced, aromatic and fruity flavor. The wines from Ribera d'Ebre have a brilliant straw yellow color. They are usually fresh, fruity and flavorful on the palate.

Rosé wines: they are from salmon color to raspberry color. They are fresh, light, fruity flavor and aroma and pleasant to drink.

Red wines: are characterized by young wines. The wines from El Camp de Tarragona have body and aromatic. The wines from Ribera d'Ebre harmonize the body, the Carignan color and richness of the garnatxa. Usually, the red wines have cherry color and are fruity with a warm touch of Mediterranean influence.

Traditional wines: they are sweet or dry stale liquor. They have an alcohol content of between 13.5 ° and 23 °. Some go through traditional processes. Among the traditional wines are:
- Mistella Tarragona: traditional liquor made from white and red varieties. Alcohol content between 15% vol. and 20% vol.
- Moscatell de Tarragona: made of grape varieties Moscatel de Alejandría and Moscatel Frontignan. Alcohol content between 15% vol. and 20% vol.
- Garnatxa de Tarragona: liquor wine made from the grape variety Garnatxa blanca (White Grenache) and red type. Alcohol content between 15% vol. and 20% vol.
- Vi Ranci de Tarragona: traditional liqueur wine made from white and red varieties. Alcohol content between 15% vol. and 20% vol.
- Vi vimblanc de Tarragona: traditional liqueur wine made from overripe grapes.

Important wineries in D.O. Tarragona
  • Agraria Tous Valls, SL
  • Agrícola I S.C. Montbrió del Camp. Featured wines: Moscatell Montebrione Blanco Dulce (100% Moscatel).
  • Agrícola y Secció de Credit de Rodonya. Featured wines: Capvespre, Sumoi Capvespre .
  • Bodegas J.M. Bach i Fills.
  • Celler Boscos de Valls
  • Celler La Boella. Featured wines: Mas La Boella, Mas La Boella Vi de Guarda .
  • De Muller. Featured wines: De Muller Chardonnay, De Muller Muscat, Solimar Tinto Crianza, Pajarete Solera 1851 Vino de Licor (wine liquor), Aureo Seco Vino de Licor (Wine Liquor), De Muller Rancio Seco Vino de Licor (Wine Liquor), Aureo Vino de Licor (Wine Liquor).
  • Serra de Llaberia. Featured wines: Serra de Llaberia Elisabeth Tinto Reserva.
  • Vinetum Iberi
  • Vinícola I Secció de Crédit Sant Isidre de Nulles. Featured wines: Adernats –Blanco fermentado en barrica, Adernats Rosat .
  • Vinos Padró. Importat wines: Crinel - Rosé, Ipsis – Tinto Crianza, Ipsis Tempranillo Selecció – Tinto Crianza.
  • Vinya Janine
  • Vinyes del terroir. Featured wines: Nus del Terre, Terrer D'Aubert, Nus del Terrer .

Details and numbers of D.O. Tarragona

  • Areal
    6,150 hectares
  • Production in Tarragona (DO)
    Approximately 3 million liters 
  • Number of Wineries in Tarragona (DO)
  • Commercialization of the wines
    50 % are sold in Spain and 50% are exported
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