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Toro Wine Region

Toro is a new wine region west of Madrid

Toro is one of the new stars in recent Spanish Wine history. Over the last few decades the wine region has seen an impressive revolution of its wines. The result is that wines from Toro today are some of the most sought after of Spanish wines. However, prices on Toro wines are still fair and, in general, you get a lot for the money in this wine region.

The wine region is located in western Spain, not far from other interesting wine regions like Rueda and Bierzo.

Location and climate

Toro embraces 12 municipalities of the Zamora province (Argujillo, Bóveda de Toro, Morales de Toro, El Pego, Peleagonzalo, El Piñero, San Miguel de la Ribera, Sanzoles, Toro, Valdefinjas, Venialbo and Villanueva del Puente), and 3 municipalities of Valladolid province (San Román de la Hornija, Villafranca del Duero and Pedrosa del Rey – Villaester de Arriba / Abajo).

The main area of the vineyards is located next to the Duero River, and most of the vineyards are located at an altituded between 620 and 750 meters.  The climate is basically continental, arid and dry, with little rains and the soil mainly calcareous with limestone.

Grapes used

The folllowing grapes are the grapes permitted by the local authorities

Red grapes

  • Tinta de Toro
  • Grenache (garnacha).
White grapes
  • Malvasía
  • Verdejo.

Characteristics of wines from Toro

Red Wines
The red wines are the most important wines of the region. The wines are mildly astringent due to Tinta de Toro. The wines generally speaking are cherry colored and have a fruity aroma and notes of wild berries. The taste is generally strong, fruity and well structure and persistent in the more expensive wines.

White Wines
The white wines are usually made of the Malvasía grape. The wines have a pale yellow color, the taste is generally very light and the wine easy to drink.

Rosé Wines
The Rosé wines from Toro are mainly elaborated using Tinta de Toro and the Grenache (garnacha) grape. The wines have a pinkish color, are fresh and fruity and have hints of red berries.

Important wineries in Alella

  • Bienvenida de Vinos, S.L.
    Featured wines: Sitio el Palo Bienvenida (red wine).

    Bodega Álvarez y Díez, S.A.
    Featured wines: Monte Alina (red wine), Valmoro (red wine).

    Bodega Cyan
    Featured wines: Selección Personal Carlos Moro Cyan (red wine), Cyan Prestigio (red wine), Cyan Pago de la Calera (red wine).

    Bodega del Palacio de Los Frontaura y Victoria
    Featured wines: Frontaura (red wine), Dominio de Valdelacasa (red wine), Aponte (red wine), Nexus + 2006 (red wine).

    Bodega Elías Mora
    Featured wines: Viñas Elías Mora Roble (red wine), Elías Mora (red wine), Gran Elías Mora (red wine).

    Bodega Francois Lurton
    Featured wines: Campo Eliseo (red wine), El Albar Excelencia (red wine).

    Bodega Numanthia Termes
    Featured wines: Numanthia (red wine), Termanthia (red wine).

    Bodegas Covitoro
    Featured wines: Cermeño (white wine), Cermeño (rosé wine), Cañus Verus (red wine), Gran Cermeño (red wine), Marqués de la Villa (red wine reserva).

    Bodegas Fariña
    Featured wines: Primero (red wine), Colegiata (red wine), Gran Colegiata Vino de Lágrima Roble (red wine), Gran Colegiata Campus (red wine Crianza), Gran Colegiata Roble Francés (red wine Crianza).

    Bodegas Gil Luna
    Featured wines: Tres Lunas Verdejo (white wine), Tres Lunas (red wine), Gil Luna (red wine).

    Bodegas Liberalia Enológica, S.L.
    Featured wines: Liberalia Cabeza de Cuba (red wine), Liberalia Cero (red wine fermented in barril), Liberalia Cinco (red wine), Liberalia Cuatro (red wine), Liberalia Tres (red wine).

    Bodegas Monte la Reina
    Featured wines: Castillo Monte La Reina (red wine fermented in barril), Tertius Verdejo (White wine), Tertius (red wine), Torcanto (red wine), Inaraja (red wine), Castillo Monte La Reina Vendimia Seleccionada (red wine).

    Bodegas Rejadorada, S.L.
    Featured wines: Rejadorada Roble (red wine), Novellum Rejadorada (red wine crianza), Sando de Rejadorada (red wine reserva).

    Bodegas Vega Sauco
    Featured wines: Vega Saúco El Beybi Roble (red wine), Veca Saúco “TO” (red wine crianza), Adoremus (red wine reserva), Wences Vendimia 25 (red wine), Flor del Saúco Vendimia Tardía Tinto Dulce Natural.

    Bodegas y Pagos Matarredonda
    Featured wines: Libranza Reserva Especial (red wine), Juan Rojo (red wine), Libranza (red wine).

    Bodegas y Viñedos Finca Anzil
    Featured wines: Viña Mayor Toro (red wine), Finca Anzil (red wine).

    Bodegas y Viñedos Maurodos
    Featured wines: Prima (red wine), San Román (red wine).

    Bodegueros Quinta Esencia
    Featured wines: Sofros (red wine).

    Carmen Rodríguez Méndez
    Featured wines: Carodorum Selección (red wine crianza), Carodorum Issos (red wine).

    Cepas y Bodegas , S.L.
    Featured wines: Arco de Guía Roble Español (red wine), Viñalcasta Roble (red wine), Viñalcasta (red wine reserva).

    Compañía de Vinos de Telmo Rodríguez
    Featured wines: Dehesa Gago (red wine), Gago (red wine), Pago La Jara (red wine), Gago (red wine).

    Coral Duero
    Featured wines: Rompesedas Finca Las Parvas (red wine), Rompesedas (red wine).

    Domaines Magrez Espagne
    Featured wines: Paciencia (red wine), Temperancia (red wine).

    Dominio del Bendito
    Featured wines: Dominio del Bendito Roble (red wine), Dominio del Bendito 12 Meses (red wine), El Titán del Bendito (red wine).

    Estancia Piedra, S.L.
    Featured wines: Piedra Roja (red wine crianza), La Garona (red wine crianza), Piedra Platino Selección (red wine crianza), Piedra Azul (red wine), Piedra Predinas (red wine).

    Frutos Villar
    Featured wines: Maruve (red wine).

    Hacienda Terra D’Uro
    Featured wines: Terra D’Uro (red wine).

    Marqués de Olivara
    Featured wines: Marqués de Olivara Vendimia Seleccionada (red wine).

    Matsu Bodega y Viñedos Ecológicos
    Featured wines: Matsu El Pícaro (red wine), Matsu El Recio (red wine), Matsu El Viejo (red wine).

    Pagos del Rey
    Featured wines: Bajoz (red wine reserva), Finca la Meda (red wine crianza), Gran Bajoz (red wine crianza).

    Palacio de Villachica
    Featured wines: Palacio de Villachica 5T (red wine crianza).
    Quinola Suárez. Featured wines: Quinola Garage Wine (red wine)

    Quinta de la Quietud
    Featured wines: Corral de Campanas (red wine), La Mula de la Quietud (red wine), Quinta Quietud (red wine).

    Terna Bodegas
    Featured wines: Morfeo “Cepas Viejas” (red wine).

    Teso La Monja
    Featured wines: Colorín (White wine), Victorino (red wine), Alabaster (red wine), Almirez (red wine).

    Featured wines: Celsus (red wine).
    Viñedos de Villaester. Featured wines: Villaester (red wine), Taurus (red wine crianza).

Details and numbers of Toro

  • Vineyards: 5.800 hectares
  • Number of wineries: 50
  • Production: 13.485.000 liter.
  • Sales: 60% is sold within Spain, the remaining 40% is exported.
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