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Bicycle Tours in Barcelona

We offer a wide selection of bicycle Tours in Barcelona

We can help you organizing bicycle tours in Barcelona. This is a great corporate activity and team building activity: you see a lot in just a few hours, and its a good way to make your team work together.

Customized service

If you are looking for a team building activity you cannot find below, please contact us, and we will send you an offer. We offer tailored, custom made programs to our clients and will tailor the event according to your needs and dreams.
Details and prices for the Barcelona Bike Tour
The bicycle tours can be arranged for groups of between 8 and 100 people. If you are more than 30 people you will be ddivid into two groups with each their guide.

The duration of the bicycle tour
2-4 hours (the tour is customizable and we can shorten the tour or make it last longer)

Prices from
30 €
per person for a private bicyckle tour in Barcelona.

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