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What to do in Barcelona

Recommendations for activities in Barcelona

Barcelona is at present one of Europe's most popular destinations and for a good reason. The city has a huge variety of offer, and even outside the  city, you can find much to do/see in the region of Catalonia.

Barcelona city center, Barrio Gótico is among Europe's best preserved medieval quarters, and, at the same time, is a very modern city: has one of Europe's largest subway systems, the area of ​​22 @ Barcelona is one of the most modern in Europe (here rubbish bins are emptied by themselves and almost all the energy in the huge district comes from photovoltaic plants), now there is a fast train linking Barcelona with Madrid, the capital and within a season will be possible the trip to Paris in just 5 hours.

What should you see when you come to Barcelona? There's a lot to be seen and done, and it can be hard to achieve it all on a single vacation. Barcelona is an orderly city, and the distances are shortened by public transport system that really works: metro (Barcelona, Europe's largest subway system), bus and bicycle (Bicing).

1. See the works of Antoni Gaudí

Antoni Gaudi's famous church is hard to describe in a few sentences, but it is certain that the church is something unusual that characterizes Barcelona and is one of the most famous works og Antoni Gaudí. Antoni Gaudí worked on the church between 1883 and 1926, then came the Civil War and now it is believed that the church will be completed by 2026, the centenary of Gaudí's death.

Other projects and Houses by Antoni Gaudi and some of the more popular touristic places of Barcelona are La Pedrera or Casa Milà, Casa Batlló, Park Guell and Casa Vicens.

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2. Quality food for all budgets

Barcelona has many fantastic restaurants - and you generally receive a lot of food for money you give in return:

Some of the more gourmet places are Comerç 24, Torre de Alta Mar, Restaurante Alkimia, Abac and Sant Pau.

Some other restaurants with more accessible prices but also very good quality and food are Quimet, El Foro, Quatre Gats, Silenus and Cinc Sentits.

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3. Excursions from Barcelona to wineries

On this website you can read a series of articles on Catalan and Spanish wine. We can also help you arrange a trip to the wine regions of Catalonia (Penedès, Priorat, Conca de Berbera, Ampurdà, etc.). You can visit some of the most famous Catalan wineries and try the amazing spanish wine.

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4. Montserrat - the holy mountain

Montserrat mountain is Catalans holy mountain. Here is the famous Benedictine monastery of the Black Madonna. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the mountain and enjoy the stunning views.

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5. Sailing Tours

Barcelona's sea promenade is close to the city center. Get an amazing experience with a cruise on the sea starting from the port of Barcelona. It is possible to order lunch and cold drinks, and the mild climate makes it possible to jump into the water most of the year.

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6. FC Barcelona - stadium and museum

It's an nice experience to sit in on FC Barcelona Camp Nou in a football game. There is room for approx. 99,000 spectators in the huge stadium.

It’s a unique way to experience the most popular sport in Europe and live the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd.

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7. Ramblas and Gothic Quarter

Don’t forget to discover the history and the beautiful heritage of Barcelona. A walking around The Gothic Quarter you can discover the most fantastic and cozy small stores from clothes to food and presents.

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