Dominio de Pingus

Dominio de Pingus

Dominio de Pingus by Sisseck creates Spain's most sought after wine

Peter Sisseck has had enormous success since he opened his own winer, Dominio de Pingus, in the beginning of the 1990's. The first wine came out in 1995 and was an immediate succeed. Critics all over the world agreed on Robert Parker's opinion: this wine was one of the very best in Spain, and indeed in Europe. Peter Sisseck called the wine Pingus, the nichname that people had been using for him since childhood.

The winery and its wines
The Vineyards
Areal: 7 hectares/1,8 acres (Pingus).
Grape variety: Tinto fino.
Soil: The soil is sandy, rich in chalck and not very fertile, meaning that the vines have to struggle to survive, producing small quantities but high quality. .
Climate: continental with Atlantic influences

Annual production
Pingus: 3.700 – 6.800 bottles
Flor de Pingus: 40.000 bottles

Only grapes that are perfectly intact are used for the wines. The wine ages between 20 and 30 months in barrels. Neither clarification nor filtration is used.

The Wines
This exceptional wine is ruby/purple and tastes of blackberry, cherry, coffee, chocolate and new toasted oak. The wines are dense and potent.

Pingus 1998. 90 Parker points. Average price: 695,00 Euros.
Pingus 1996. 96 Parker points. Average price: 1.320,00 Euros.
Pingus 2001Crianza. 95 Parker points. Average price: 890,00 Euros.
Pingus 2004. 100 Parker points. Precio medio 1.195,00 Euros
Pingus 2005. Doble Magnum. Average price: 5.950,00 Euros.
Pingus 2006. 99 Parker points. 94 points in the Peñín Guide. Average price: 910,00 Euros.
Pingus 2007. 95 Parker Points. 94 points in the Peñín Guide.
Pingus 2008. 99 Parker points. 94 points in the Peñín Guide. Average price: 840,00 Euros

Flor de Pingus
2008. 96 Parker points. 94 points in the Peñín Guide. Average price: 90,00 Euros.

Full name of the winery: Dominio de Pingus, S.L.
Wine region:  Ribera del Duero
Propietario: Peter Sisseck
Address: Calle Matador s/n. 47300 Quintanilla de Onésimo (Valladolid).
Web page: the winery has no web page
Telephone: +34 639 833 854
Fax: +34 983 484 020

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