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Introduction to Barcelona

From the Romans to modern time

Barcelona is a city of 3 million inhabitants, located in the western part of the Mediterranean Sea. The city was founded by the Romans 15 BC but not until the late Middle Ages does the city begin the grow and get influence. During the 13th and 140th century, Barcelona began its heyday as capital of the Kingdom of Aragon-Catalonia, which came to be a dominant factor in the Mediterranean. In recent times, the city and the region around it (Catalonia) has experienced a renaissance, triggered by the Olympics held in 1992.

The beach in Barcelona
The beach in Barcelona

As a tourist destination is Barcelona a city with many things to offer to the visitor: history and modern architecture, beaches and mountains, gourmet restaurants  (several excellent restarants with 1 to 2 Michelin stars) and economic restaurants with a three dish meal for just around 8-10 €. Barcelona's many offers to tourists is one of the main explanations for the city's popularity today.

The gothic Quarter in Barcelona
The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

From the world fairs to the Olympic Games

One reason that Barcelona had success as with the Olympics, was that the city had celebrated huge events several times over the last hundred years, including the two world exhibition in Barcelona, respectively the one in 1888 and in 1929.

During the first world exhibition held in 1888, a new architecture, modernism (modernismo in Spanish and Moderisme in Catalan) had its break through. The most well known architect of the movement is Antoni Gaudí, but there are more than hundred architects working along the same lines from 1888 to the 1920’s.

With the second World's Fair in 1929, the monumental area below the Montjuïc mountain, was building. Among the most important monuments from this period is The National Palace (which is today's Museu Nacional d'Arquitectura de Catalunya).

Antoni Gaudís Casa Batllo i Barcelona
Antoni Gaudí's Casa Batlló in Barcelona, here with evening lights.

In 1992 Barcelona held the first Olympic games in Spain ever. The infrastructure, highways, homes (more than 10,000!) were built and the beach area was renovated.

The hotels of the Olympic Games are now used by Spaniards and people from all over the world, participants of the congresses and fairs held in the city, cruise guests, etc.
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