Ferran Adrià

One of the world's greatest chefs

Spacelab dishes with an amazing look and great taste are not only the vision of the future but come alive in the El Bulli restaurant. Located in the town of Roses on the coast of Catalonia, two hours north of Barcelona, the El Bulli restaurant has been named the best in the world. (The Restaurant Magazine.).

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The Salvador Dalí of the kitchen

The Catalan chef Ferran Adrià is the dean of molecular gastronomy, named by Gourmet Magazine “The Salvador Dali of the kitchen".

Ferran Adrià, uses his kitchen laboratory for truly spectacular creations like “bite-size cuttlefish ravioli that explode in a burst of coconut and ginger, soft-boiled quail egg with a crispy caramel crust, a polenta of frozen powdered Parmesan cheese, almond ice cream on a swirl of garlic oil and balsamic vinegar”. He is best known for his creations of “culinary foam” and “warm gelatin” used now by chefs around the world. Adrià has won the adulation of cooks and critics by his baffling and astonishing technical accomplishments and magnificent combinations of temperature, texture and taste.

Before the arrival of Adrià, El Bulli, located in the Mediterranean town of Roses, was a relatively unknown traditional French restaurant. Over the years El Bulli has gained an impressive 3 Michelin stars and has been named the best restaurant in the world.

El Buli used to close for six months every year so Mr. Adrià and his chefs could spend time off experimenting and developing new techniques. “The ideal customer doesn't come to El Bulli to eat but to have an experience” said Ferran Adrià.

Ferran Adrià restaurants in Barcelona

However customers will still be able to sample this gastronomic excellence. The culinary masters of El Bulli have recently opened two tapas bars located in Barcelona, Tickets and 41 Degrees. The specially created menus include many of the El Bulli greats.

“The restaurant itself is a performance, with the main star being the food” said Ferran Adrià. Once the door to the restaurant opens, the show called “La Vida Tapa” begins! Ferran Adrià said that the place was born in the spirit of showcasing the Catalonia of today, as well as modern and current Barcelona, and an overall image of Spain that is devoted to high grade food.

Article by Aleksandra Lefek
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