Danger of pick-pocketing in Barcelona

Be cautious with you belongings when walking certain areas

As in most other big cities in Europe - Barcelona is a place where pick-pocketing exists in certain areas. But if taking a few precautions, your odd for passing your vacation without any kind of problems rise considerately.

In general the places in Barcelona where many people agglomerate are the ones where to pay special attention. Therefore you should beware of some of the most visited and popular places in Barcelona such as las Ramblas, Sagrada Familia.

Trick thievery

Another danger in Barcelona is trick thievery. somebody comes up to you and as you a question to distract you while somebody else tries to go in your pockets.

You can even be unlucky to get yellow foam sprayed on your clothes as part of a trick thievery. Several people collaborate in these kind of intents to distract your attention and one plays the role of "helping" you.

Facts about pick-pocketing in Barcelona

  • In general: do not leave your belongings out of sight
  • It is a good idea to use the safety box at the hotel
  • Don't walk around with large sums of money
  • Make a copy of your passport and leave the original at the hotel
  • Beware in the metro and crowded streets such as La Rambla and Portal del Angel
  • Make use of a purse that can be held close to the skin
  • Liceu, Plaza Catalunya are metro-stops that are especially popular for pick-pocketing
  • Sagrada Familia is visited by 3,4 billion visitors a year - and the thieves know it!
  • When at the beach, ask somebody to take care of your belongings when going into the water
  • Unfortunately, you should beware of trusting strangers coming up to you in the streets.

The police station

Comisaria de Policia de Barcelona (Ciutat Vella)
Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 76-80
Barcelona, Spain
Metro: Liceu (Green Line, L3)
ASTA - Association Society of Travel Agents
Enoturisme Penedès
Catalunya Turisme ACT
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