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Cooking classes in Barcelona

Cooking classes team building activity

Our cooking classes is a great team building activity for corporate groups. For each team it is quintessential to work together, to coordinate and to make agreements before and during the cooking process.

The activity starts with the group buying the ingredients at the local market. Get an introduction to the best Spanish products: here the teams will experience the ambience of the locals buying and chatting, and will learn about products like the Iberian Ham, high quality fish, meat and vegetables.

After buying the ingredients, the teams will cook three typical Spanish dishes under the guidance of a professional cook. We have several options, including tapas or paella (the famous Spanish rice dish with chicken, vegetables and/or meat). The teams have to be in control of the time and the recipe and will compete for the best dish. The activity ends with a relaxed dinner where each team will present their dishes and enjoy some excellent Spanish wines.

Photos of cooking classes in Barcelona

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Details and prices for the cooking classes

Facts: The cooking classes can be arranged for private groups of between 8 and 100 people. If you are more than 30 people you will be divided into two groups with each their cook.

Duration: From 2 to 4 hours, but the itinerary can be customized. The duration of the activity depends on whether the group buys the food at the local market.

Prices of the cooking class
80 €
per person. Price for a private cooking class for a group

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