Sailing regatta

Sailing regatta

Sailing Competition - team building activity in Barcelona

If you want your teams to work together and have a nice day on the sea in Barcelona, our sailing Regatta is a perfect team building activity. The activity involves learning, team work and competition and is ideal for a group event.

The activity starts in the Olympic Port. After an introduction, the teams will sail out from the Olympic Port, each with their own skipper, crew and sailing boat. On the sea they will have assistance during all the team building activity.

During the sailing activity, the teams will compete against each other and try to be the fastest ship. The captain of the boat will teach the teams basic sailing techniques, and each member of the team will try to use these techniques in order to make the team work the best possible way. After the competition, the teams will have a glass of cold cava (sparkling wine) and celebrate.

There are several options for sailing boats, but normally we use Jeanneau Sun Odyssey (14 meters). Also, it is possible to include cold beers and a light lunch on board before or after the team building activity, or we can help booking a quality restaurant in the area after the sailing regatta.

Details and prices for the Regatta Sailing

Facts: The Sailing Regatta can be arranged for groups of between 8 and 50 people. In each sailing boat there will be between 2 and 11 people.

Duration: 2-4 hours (the Sailing Competition can be customized according to the time table of the group)

Price for the Sailing Regatta
Prices from
99 €
per person for a private Sailing Regatta Competition in Barcelona.

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