What to do in Barcelona

What to do in Barcelona

10 things to see and do when in Barcelona & Catalonia

Barcelona is at present one of Europe's most popular destinations and for a good reason. The city has a huge variety of offer, and even outside the  city, you can find much to do/see in the region of Catalonia.

Barcelona city center, Barrio Gótico is among Europe's best preserved medieval quarters, and, at the same time, is a very modern city: has one of Europe's largest subway systems, the area of ​​22 @Barcelona is one of the most modern in Europe (here rubbish bins are emptied by themselves and almost all the energy in the huge district comes from photovoltaic plants), now there is a fast train linking Barcelona with Madrid, the capital and within a season will be possible the trip to Paris in just 5 hours.

What should you see when you come to Barcelona? There's a lot to be seen and done, and it can be hard to achieve it all on a single vacation. Barcelona is an orderly city, and the distances are shortened by public transport system that really works: metro (Barcelona, Europe's largest subway system), bus and bicycle (Bicing).

See the works of Antoni Gaudí

Antoni Gaudi's famous church is hard to describe in a few sentences, but it is certain that the church is something unusual that characterizes Barcelona and is one of the most famous works og Antoni Gaudí. Antoni Gaudí worked on the church between 1883 and 1926, then came the Civil War and now it is believed that the church will be completed by 2026, the centenary of Gaudí's death.

Other projects and Houses by Antoni Gaudi and some of the more popular touristic places of Barcelona are La Pedrera or Casa Milà, Casa Batlló, Park Guell and Casa Vicens.

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Gastronomy in Barcelona

Barcelona has more than 8.000 restaurants! - and you generally get a lot for the money. Barcelona has everything from local bistros to three Michelin star restaurants. Click here to read more about the best restaurants in Barcelona.

Some of the more gourmet places are Comerç 24, Torre de Alta Mar, Restaurante Alkimia, Abac and Sant Pau. Some other restaurants with more accessible prices but also very good quality and food are Quimet, El Foro, Quatre Gats, Silenus and Cinc Sentits.


Visit nearby wineries

There are no less than 10 wine regions in Catalonia, and many of the are just 30-40 minutes' drive away from the center of the city.

On this website you can read a series of articles on Catalan and Spanish wine. We can also help you arrange a trip to the wine regions of Catalonia (Penedès, Priorat, Conca de Berbera, Ampurdà, etc.). You can visit some of the most famous Catalan wineries and try the amazing spanish wine.


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Montserrat - the holy mountain offers both nature, history and culture

The Montserrat mountain is the holy mountain of the Catalans. Here you will be able to visti a famous Benedictine monastery, and inside the famous Black Madonna, visited by more than a million pilgrams each year. But Montserrat also offers stunning views from atop the cliffs, winding roads and paths.


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Sail on the Mediterranean Sea

Barcelona is a city by the sea and from April til October we highly recommend to enjoy the sea and the views of the city from a sailing boat or a catamaran. It is an amazing experience to cruise on the Mediterranean Sea going out from the Olympic Port of Barcelona.

Enjoy cold drinks on the boat and a light lunch. During July and August, you might even want to jump into the sea to get cooled down!.

Sailing Tour

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Experience the locals' passion for fútbol and enjoy Lionel Messi Playing

It's an extraordinary experience to enjoy a soccer game at the home field of FC Barcelona in a football game. Camp Nou has space for approximately 99,000 spectators, and the stadion fills up when fields like Real Madrid and Atlético visit.

FC Barcelona

It’s a unique way to experience the most popular sport in Europe and live the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd.

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Stroll down the historic Ramblas

Remember to stroll down Barcelona's historic street Las Ramblas when visiting the Catalan metropolis. The famous street is approximately 1,2 kilometers long and presents the visitor with historic shops, cafeterias and one of Europe's largest operas: Liceu.

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Among the highlights is the spectacular Boquería market with fresh fish, meat, fruit and vegetables. The market also has several restaurants with fresh, high quality food.

La Rambla

Enjoy the hidden gems of the Gothic Quarter

The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona is one of Europe's best preserved medieval quarters. This dense area with hundred's of marvelous historic buildings dating from the Romans til today offers much spectacular architecture to the visitor.

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Among the most famous buildings are the three churches The Cathedral of Barcelona (from 1298), Santa María del Pi and Santa María del Mar and the Roman museum but also impressive squares like Plaza Reial and Placa del Rei.

Gothic Quarter

Visit beautiful Costa Brava

Costa Brava stretches out north of Barcelona, starting around 45 minutes' drive from Barcelona at Blanes and ending at the French border. Here you will be able to experience some of Spain's best beaches, fantastic boutique hotels, seafood restaurants and interesting museums.

Among the highlights at Costa Brava are Salvador Dalí's house at Cadaqués.

Costa Brava

Enjoy Barcelona's luxury hotels

Barcelona has more than 500 hotels and a wide range of high quality hotels. Hotel chains like Marriott, Hilton, NH and Meliá each have at least a handfull of hotels in Barcelona. Another local hotel chain to look after is H10 with hotels like H10 Metropolitan, H10 The One and H10 Madison - all of them modern and comfortable design hotels with a centric location.

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H10 Hotels in Barcelona

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