Historical Tour

Barcelona Historical Tour

Take a tour back in time and get to know Barcelona's history

Go on a tour with one of our excellent guides to get to know the history of Barcelona and Catalonia. On the tour we visit the main points of the old city. If you are interested in visiting one of the museums in Barcelona: either the historical museum of the City (Museu d’historia de la Ciutat) or the archeological museum we can help you booking.

Barcelona has an exciting history
Barcelona has more than 2000 years of history. The city was founded around the year 15 BC by the Romans with the name Barcino. Still several remains are left from that period, among them the Roman temple, part of the temple, the walls and the aqueduct.

In the 13th Century a new glorious period began for Barcelona that would last to the end of the 15th Century. From this period we can see several interesting churches (among them Santa María del Mar, The Cathedral and Santa María del Pi), the shipyard (Drassanes) and the city’s old hospital (The National Library). But you will also be able to see modern buildings on the way that tell about the glorious past of Barcelona, especially in the so called Jewish Quarter.

Itinerary of the Historical Barcelona Tour
  • Sant Jaume Square (the old Roman Forum)
  • The Jewish Museum, baths and synagogue
  • The roman wall in Barcelona
  • Plaça Sant Jaume and its buildings from the gothic period
  • Pati Llimona with remains from the Middle ages
  • The Cathedral of Barcelona (begun in 1298)
  • Santa María del Mar (The Cathedral of the Sea)
  • Santa María del Pi (built in the 14th century)
  • The remains of the Roman Aquaduct)
  • The Temple of Augustus (from 15 BC)
  • Drassanes (the shipyard from the 13th and 14th century)
  • Optional: a guided tour to the Archeological Museum of Barcelona.
The duration of the Tour
1½--3 hours (we can customize the itinerary)

Prices from 350 Euros (total price for a group of 8-9 people for a certified and private English speaking guide). For big groups, prices start at 20 €/person

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